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Mission Statement

“We are a boutique hotel whose goal is to continue a legacy while building connections and relationships with every guest. We strive to make our associates and guests feel at home through our small, peaceful environment. Each guest’s needs and desires drive our creativity and motivate us to provide a unique experience with every stay.”

Mountainous Landscape

Irishman Joseph Patrick Evans founded the Blarney Castle in 1988. After visiting Cabo San Lucas, he fell in love with the beautiful town and was inspired by his hometown of Carrickmacross, Ireland to build his own castle overlooking the Sea of Cortez. With the help of local contractor, Juan Corral, his dream Irish getaway was created to be used for his friends and family. Then, as Cabo began to grow, Joe’s ambitions grew along with it. In 1995 he expanded his getaway into a beautiful and quaint boutique hotel. The Blarney Castle Inn was one of the first hotels in Cabo and is currently the only Irish inspired hotel in Mexico. Joseph’s legacy continues on through the Evans and Corral families. We look forward to sharing his legacy with you, our guests, with exceptional Irish hospitality and spirit.

Our Story

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